måndag 19 maj 2014

A zentangle Mandala and some zentangle knots

I can't stop zentangling. I've bought the perfect book for it with perfect paper in it and it's gorgeous and I love it! My new pens, Pigma Micron fineliners are the best! The only trouble is that my neck and shoulder hurt after a while. It's so hard to take breaks and suddenly two hours have passed and I haven't even noticed it :)

I made the zentangle mandala the day my daughter left Sweden for the Greek island Rhodos for five months. The boarder of the mandala is full of hearts even if that can be a bit hard to notice. I really like making mandalas, it's a great way to deal with feelings. It's nice to put my thoughts in the zentangle and kind of having them safe in a circle.

The zentangle with the knots was so fun to draw! Really easy to make and it only took me an hour.

lördag 10 maj 2014

Zentangle on canvas

I found an amazing zentangle on the net and was so inspired that I just had to do my interpretation of it. All cred to the artist that inspired me, Art & Potatoes .

I made mine on a canvas, quite big, and just used black and white pens in different sizes. I also added a few quotes about art that I love. It's so true; As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life (John Lubbock).