tisdag 25 mars 2014

My Guardian Angel

This is my second mixed media art journaling piece made on a canvas (30x40 cm, 12x15").

When I took a workshop by Kate Crane in 21 Secrets earlier this year, I fell in love with her way of drawing whimsical angels. I tried painting three angels on a small cardboard and loved them! Now I've taken it one step further and made one big angel and added more details like arms and hands. I'm so in the process of learning and I enjoy every minute of it.

One thing I love about acrylic paint is that it's so easy to cover mistakes. I think I repainted the face at least five times. At first it had no facial features at all. My husband thought it looked like a football and I decided to add eyes. That was a mistake, so I repainted it. Then I thought, why not paint a whole face? So I did... hahaha... the poor angel looked like a eunuch so I had to repaint it again.

So... no face, face, no face, face, no face... and here he/she finally is... my Guardian Angel :)


onsdag 19 mars 2014

Mixed media painting with doodle

Today I felt like trying out doodling on a painting which at first felt like I was wrecking the whole painting but then turned out to something nice.

I got the inspiration from the book "Doodles unleashed" by Traci Bautista, a great book by the way! I cut out pieces of scrapbooking paper for flowers and stems and glued them on the canvas which I had painted with acrylics. Then I painted the flowers and stems kind of "clumsy". It isn't supposed to look neat and tidy :) After that I doodled with Molotow pens and my new favourites, Liquitex paint markers. I had a great time and enjoyed every mistake I made and just made some more so that you wouldn't guess they are mistakes at all ;)

I LOVE colours! You who know me are probably surprised because I'm always dressed in black, grey and white and sometimes, maybe, with a slight touch of colour. But inside I am full of colour and it is about time it shows in my art (it feels kind of pretentious to call it art, but I don't have a suitable word for it.)

Hope you enjoy it! And if you don't... I'm happy anyway :)

söndag 9 mars 2014


I went through all our cd-records the other day and decided that I no longer need them. A strange feeling that the cd-epoque is over, but all the music I need is on Spotify and available at any time, easily and at a low cost AND it doesn't need any physical space in my house :)

I found inspiration for cd coasters at Crafts by Amanda and made my own interpretation of it. I sanded off the surface and painted it black, then used some of my stencils and painted it white. Tip: I painted the wrong side of the cd, the shiny side, and unfortunately the "ring" in the cd is visible. It's much better to paint on the side with the label. I didn't know what kind of varnish to use so I first painted a layer of matte gel medium and then one layer of glossy decoupage varnish. Then I cut out a circle of dark grey felt and glued it on the other side of the cd.

I like the result. It was really fun to make so I'm sure I'm gonna make some more :)

måndag 3 mars 2014

Take me as I am...

I spent the entire evening making this piece. I didn't know what would come out of my playing with colour, stencils, cardboard, stamps etc. It's so fun to just DO things and see what develops!

I cut out a picture of a model from a catalogue and painted her black since I don't have any stencil with girls. Then I just added paint and stamped, made circles and so on. I used a metallic green/blue paint for the tree and it kind of glows but you don't see that in the photo. Found the text "Confidence is not for sale" in another catalogue and then wrote the text "Take me as I am or have nothing at all". Like that quote.

Hope you like it!