söndag 9 mars 2014


I went through all our cd-records the other day and decided that I no longer need them. A strange feeling that the cd-epoque is over, but all the music I need is on Spotify and available at any time, easily and at a low cost AND it doesn't need any physical space in my house :)

I found inspiration for cd coasters at Crafts by Amanda and made my own interpretation of it. I sanded off the surface and painted it black, then used some of my stencils and painted it white. Tip: I painted the wrong side of the cd, the shiny side, and unfortunately the "ring" in the cd is visible. It's much better to paint on the side with the label. I didn't know what kind of varnish to use so I first painted a layer of matte gel medium and then one layer of glossy decoupage varnish. Then I cut out a circle of dark grey felt and glued it on the other side of the cd.

I like the result. It was really fun to make so I'm sure I'm gonna make some more :)

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