fredag 25 april 2014

A mixed media owl

I've been working on this owl painting for a few days now and yesterday it was completed. It's hard to know exactly when to stop, but suddenly it just felt right.

It's made on a canvas (46x38 cm, 18x14") and it's the largest piece I've ever created. I've used acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, gelatos and molotow pens. I made at least a million mistakes and lost hope several times, but after each revival the painting reached a higher level. I've definitely learnt not to fear mistakes :)

As you problable know by now, I LOVE owls so this painting is a darling to me. I just had to write the poem "A wise old owl" on it and I had to squeeze the last words in. It's so hard to calculate the space letters take and I was sure it would fit in without any problems and with a little force, it did.

So, here he is... my darling owl :)

The green/blue and bronze are metallic acrylics and it really glows in some angles. Love it!

For the first time one of my pieces was allowed to move in to our living room :)

2 kommentarer:

Glimman sa...

Hej! Har tittat runt på alla fina kort du gjort och undrar nu om du gör kort till försäljning? Min pappa fyller snart 50år och det vore kul att få ge ett superduper speciellt kort.
Med vänlig hälsning, Emelie

TinaStina sa...

Hej Emelie!

Jag har inte din mailadress och jag vet inte om du kollar din blogg längre så jag svarar här.

Nix, jag gör inte kort till försäljning längre. Jag har gått vidare med min konst och det finns inte tid till kortverkstad tyvärr.

Hoppas du hittar någon annan som kan hjälpa dig!