fredag 11 april 2014

Circle play - Lisa Hofmann, the second assignment in 21 Secrets

Ok. I have to admit, I had no idea what a Mandala was. I loved the introduction that Lisa Hofmann did to this meditative form of art. I've noticed that almost every piece I make is full of circles and I tend to always make a circular motion and I believe it has been a subconscious action for me, and I guess circles really mean something in my life.

So, guess if I liked this workshop??? I've only done the first part, circle play, and I actually made three pieces :) I wrote on the first one, the second one got kind of crazy, the third one I'm showing you here.

As a child I had a kaleidoscope which I had completely forgotten about. When I made this piece I suddenly remembered how much I loved it. I could be in bed at night looking in it, feeling amazed over the great patterns and wonderful colours that showed up. Always new patterns and it felt like I was in another world. This Mandala took me right back to my childhood and I feel greatful for that. That is what the text around the Mandala is all about.

It actually made me order a build-my-own-kaleidoscope-kit! Crazy, I know, but I am the kind of person that act upon my feelings, immediately. Now I cannot wait for it to be delivered so that I once again can disappear in the beauty of patterns and colours! And this time I get to build it myself :) I want to see how it works (I was a child who loved playing with Lego, so maybe that explains my urge to build things myself) ;)

I coloured this piece with my ProMarkers and filled in the lines with Sharpies. Maybe I should have stopped there but I wanted more so I went on with way too much glitter stickles and finished it with some bling stones. Who said less is more... :)

Thanks Lisa for a wonderful workshop and I'm looking forward to step two in Mandala-making!

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